Bluff Tower continuation

Today David and Jeremy finished moving the radio services that were on the temporary tower at the top of the bluff. The new tower now has the Trading Post link, the Upriver-Greenhouse-Miller-New Hope link, and the link to Delta Industrial.


West End network link

Last week we upgraded the uplink at the West End from DSL to wireless. This also provides network to the two cabins and the duplexes. Overall bandwidth to that complex is significantly improved.


Bluff Tower nearing completion

Panoramic view. Double click to zoom in.


Authentication Server

We have migrated login credentials (for web sites like to a new server. Let us know if you have trouble logging in.


Permanent Tower in Delta

10 miles from Whitestone, our main Internet link begins at Delta Junction.

From the top of the tower at Delta Industrial, looking north, we can just see the Whitestone bluff. Look above the long building left of center, just above the treeline. The larger bluff is just north of the Tanana.

Looking back toward the tower, you can see the antenna just below the top. On the far left, you can see the 2010 antenna sticking up from the shop building.