Drinking water quality report

Both the state and the EPA require that we annually publish a report describing the monitoring results for our public water supply, the tabernacle well.  The link below will display a pdf format copy of this report.  There is also a paper copy of this report posted on the WCA bulletin board in the post office.  Copies are also available from myself (Ted) and John Hasz.  Our water system is currently in complete compliance and is in fact very high quality water, therefore you may drink with confidence. 

2015 Consumer Confidence Report


Weekend Internet Outages

Unfortunately we experienced three outages this weekend.


  1. A UPS fault due to excessive heat
  2. A second fault due to even more excessive heat, this time because of a failing thermal regulator
  3. A raven visited the electrical transformer outside, losing his life in the process


If bad things happen in threes, perhaps we'll be safe for a while.

We took the opportunity early Sunday morning to reroute some cabling that should prevent a single-point-of-failure issue like we had on the 18th. The current location will be retired some time this summer anyway, but hopefully we will stay working until then.

Here lieth the raven.



Brief Outage

We had a short Internet outage midday today due to a faulty network switch in Delta. We'll be working over the next few weeks to eliminate that as a single point of failure while we upgrade there.


Night Mode Reporting Over

We are discontinuing reporting of night mode call volume.


View from the bluff