Resources for the community and church at Whitestone, Alaska

Further Upgrades

The Fox Yard and North End upgrades were completed a week ago. Both sides received a significant speed boost to their Internet connection.

The dairy barn is also connected, as of last Saturday. You'll find wireless access there.

The Cedar House DSL has been flaky; that's been replaced for the time being, with a wireless upgrade scheduled for some time this summer.

Mountainview is coming online, with the same temporary data link that has been in place during construction. See the current phone list for personal numbers as people move into it.

A power control unit was installed Monday at Delta Industrial, as well as a switch upgrade, to aid in stability and management for our Internet uplink. Concurrently with that we had an outage of several hours due to troubles with one of our crucial servers. A replacement is planned.

Further switch and link upgrades are planned throughout the community this summer. We'll keep you posted.

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