Power Outage

Wednesday night the power feed, buried up the bluff, stopped working. Temporary generators are in place while a new line is excavated in. Expect temporary outages.


Internet outage August 14

Probably due to the power fluctuations Sunday morning, we lost Internet access for about three hours. A faulty network switch caused the problem. We will replace the switch.


New printer @ Mountainview

'Ursula' is a new multifunction printer. It lives in the exercise room in the basement of Mountainview.

iOS devices (iPads, iPods) don't need a driver. Macs will self-install the driver.

Windows users can find the driver installer in public\software\drivers\printers\orca & ursula


Scheduled Maintenance

The network will be down on Wednesday, the 22nd, starting at 10 pm, for some scheduled maintenance.


Shop Wireless Link

A second network link was completed to the Shop today, thanks to the excellent work of David Michael. We now have a primary wireless link, running at the full speed of a 100BaseT Ethernet port, and a backup DSL link, running about 40 megabits.

This provides a backup loop through the Woodshop; if the fiber from the Woodshop to the network center goes down, the DSL and wireless can provide a backup link. Likewise if the wireless link goes down, the DSL provides  a backup to the Shop, Fox Yard and North End.